Social Awareness Initiatives

Social Awareness is being mindful of one’s society and its various issues, struggles, and needs. Our society is made up of diverse cultures, ethics and, backgrounds. We need to be empathetic and contribute towards the society we live in, for better communal growth. However, every individual’s responses to different social situations differ. To help bring a uniformity in our attitude towards our social circle, SIIM carries out workshops to sensitize us to what happens around us.

Building social awareness among ourselves is a healthy and necessary action. It bridges the gap between individuals within a society and contributes to a sound social setting. This can be achieved through empathy, and being well-informed about the incidents happening around us. The third important factor is to positively respond to these social circumstances.

Developing positive responses to social events are many. With the number of digital users increasing, it is also evident that some of them are ignorant of the cyber world. As a result, many newbies find themselves being trapped in cyber fraudulence. Most of these new users happen to be the elderly and NGO’s. In order to help them to be cautious, SIIM holds social awareness activities for adults as well as students to ensure that they make healthy choices with technology.

Our free workshops are conducted to assist these non-experts in the safe and effective use of the internet, digital social networks and personal devices like the smartphone. SIIM is actively involved in these social awareness activities for adults and students by training school children, college-goers, NGO’s, homemakers, and elderly citizens. By keeping them informed, their day-to-day life is made smoother and more convenient.

SIIM cultivates a knowledge of how the internet has influenced our lives, which helps us understand the use and abuse of online practices. This calls for taking precautions and learning to be safe while being plugged in with the web world. As most cyber scams and blackmailing occurs when money is involved, many fear to perform bank work online. Frequently asked questions on such incidents are clarified including prevention of any casual monetary activities. This includes bank transactions, transfers, and maintaining online privacy. Furthermore, we also provide steps to use recommended web/mobile applications.

The workshops also demonstrate how to effectively use mobile applications on a daily basis independently. Priority is placed on the awareness about internet scams. Related and appropriate guidelines on reporting or informing the concerned persons are also provided to empower the users. Knowing what happens to us helps in knowing how to handle it when something happens. Educating the young and old about being alert while online can help create a safer zone for all.

Having a safe and sound online experience for every user is a mandate. SIIM is driven to fulfill the need to bring about reforms in cybercrimes and alter the people’s responses to this fast-paced world of technology.