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About Us.

Shiras offers the latest in internet marketing modules for students and aspirants of all niches. Our courses are specifically customized to best serve enthusiasts from schools, colleges & professionals. With our courses / workshops we aim to teach the nitti-gritty of online marketing & create awareness of Best internet habits. Our programs are created after extensive market research and the details for each program is available in the courses section.

SIIM visions to empower all sections of Indian audience with our Digital Literacy Programmes. Our ideology is similar to Digital India Movement where the sole motive is growth of India in different internet platforms. At SIIM, our focus areas will always revolve around awareness programs in different technology & online territories. We strongly believe “A Literate India is multiple-fold powerful to take the nation forward – Socially, Digitally and Economically”.

Training Courses

Training made Simplified with Shiras

Junior & High Schools

Shiras Institute of Internet Marketing offers One-Day Workshop to school students on the “Healthy Use of the Internet”.

Colleges & Universities

Comprehensive 2 or 3 Day Workshops to college students on Top Internet Marketing Career Modules and more.

Freshers & Professionals

A 60 - Hour Professional Course that can create an exciting career in SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, Social Media, etc.

Social Initiatives

As part of SIIM's Support, we provide Free Training & Workshops for Children, NGOs, Senior citizens, Homemakers, etc.

Google Certifications

Google AdWords Fundamentals, Google Analytics, Search Certification, Display Certification, Mobile Certification, Shopping & Video Certification.

SIIM Certifications

Certifications in Social Media Marketing, Search engine optimization, Search engine Marketing, Google analytics, Email Marketing and different Workshops.

Hubspot Certifications

Comprehensive, fundamentals training covering the full Inbound Methodology, Social Media Strategies and Facebook Ads Training: How to Build Great Ads & Audiences.

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


Proactive and steady career growth for Internet Marketing experts with our SIIM Certified Professional Course.


Sessions packed with Easy-to-Understand Modules which allows the trainees to learn in the most effective manner.


Our Certification Program allows aspirants to Master different digital marketing platforms and be an Expert Marketer.


Top Certifications conferred through online assessments from Industry Leaders like Google AdWords, Analytics, etc.


We help Business top their competitors with our Advanced Branding and Online Marketing methodologies.

on Practical

Real Time Project knowledge through practical classes guided by experienced trainers. Get Hands-on learning experience.


Understand more about what SIIM does

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Career in Digital Marketing

I am sure every one of us has heard or read about a term called “Digital Marketing”. In a world that possesses, a little over 170 million social media users. It’s certain every individual would have a bird’s eye about it. So what is Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing? This term was first used in the year 1990’s. A point in time when the first clickable ad banner went live.
"Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing is a mode of marketing, where different social channels are used to reach out to people and communicate with them on the internet. Through this mode of marketing, an organization is given the leverage of running campaigns for any given product on any given social media platform, to understand the need, want and desire of a specific target audience."

Digital Marketing for Business Growth

Place one paragraph : Aren’t you tired, thinking of ways to grow your business? For years, we have tried offline promotional methods to get people’s attention. And today, the world is walking with the internet. People are busy with their devices. And the use of a traditional form of marketing is becoming less popular with each passing day. Here, online marketing takes over. It helps especially startups to create a brand image of their own.

How do we overcome Social issues?

When was the last time we gave a thought about the shocking incidents happening around us? Even as we talk about it, there are an uncountable number of major social issues taking place in our society. "It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act." The words of The Dalai Lama is enough to shake us out of our insensitivity towards the countless number of tragedies in our community. Being silent spectators will only cause the pain to increase and leaves little room for communal understanding. Here are some of the problems that we as a cultural group are facing

Hashtags The Modern Tic-Tac-Toe

What started off as a humble number symbol, now sees itself on most social media platforms. Yes, the hash symbol was once in a child's way of playing tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses). But today, they are flying across the world more than thousands times a day. The hash symbol (#), is now popularly used to categorize based on different areas of interest.


The growth of the Digital Marketing industry in the past couple of years has been nothing short of overwhelming. And the exciting part is the career options it opened up for individuals and professionals. With this acceptance of online awareness, businesses are scaling up to take on their competitors online. SIIM understands this requirement and hence this digital marketing course is designed to meet the expanding needs of brands to master the Internet Marketing Channels.
Our Internet Marketing Course has 26 Modules.
Online Marketing Concepts, How Search Engine works?, Website Setup & Configuration, Learn to create personal blogs, What is Keyword & different types of it, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research Tool, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Google Business Listings, Google Webmaster Tool, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization(SMO), Off-Page SEO, Google AdSense, Top Affiliate Marketing platforms, Google AdWords(SEM), Display Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Google Analytics, Email marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook for Business, Twitter & LinkedIn, Google Algorithm Updates, Top Industry Tools.
Our Internet Marketing course is focused on Practical learning and some portions are explained to understand the concepts. Students are given practical assignments to implement their understanding of the modules.
SIIM Certified Professional, Google AdWords Certification, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising Certification, Video Advertising Certification, Shopping Certification, Hubspot Certification, etc.
SIIM will provide 100% Placement Assistance for Eligible Students. After successful completion of the course, we will help the students to update their Resumes which will be sent across companies for interviews.
We will continue to provide student support for the next 6 months and latest training soft copies will be emailed to all the students on a periodic basis.
The answer is both, actually, it does not make any difference. However, in Classroom training personalized attention is given to all students and focus is more on practical implementation. Online training is recommended for outstation students who do not have easy access to institutes. Again, E-learning has gained popularity with the modules available at the portal for them to access it anytime.