Social Awareness Initiatives

SIIM Social Awareness Initiatives

The advancement in technology has made the younger population literate with Internet technologies. But, can we say the same for our older generation? The answer will be in negative. Many times we have read news about scams where it was seen that senior people have been found sharing financial details without being aware of it. In a report by NY post, a top rated Online News Blog, it was found that the largest share of Online Fraud Complaints came from seniors over 60 years of age. This lack of digital knowledge is responsible for many frauds & also disconnects them from the internet literate society

Following are the excerpts from the program:

  • How Internet has influenced our lives
  • Learn being safe while Online
  • FAQs while dealing with Financial Web Applications
  • Recommended Web/Mobile Applications
  • Learn to use the Mobile Applications effectively
  • Awareness about Internet scams

SIIM understands this crisis and started various social awareness programs in Digital Literacy. Our other initiatives include awareness about the safe & effective use of the internet. We also educate how online tools like BHIM and Paytm can reduce stress making life easier. Also, using these tools can help them carry out payments and cash transfers with ease. SIIM conducts free workshops on these platforms to educate thereby ensuring a digitally empowered society.