Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

1 - 2 Days’ Workshop

A major part of the younger generation is frequently engaged on the internet. They can be given more information to build a strong base in various internet marketing platforms. SIIM conducts workshops for college students to empower and guide them in Top Internet marketing mediums. The workshop is spread across three modules

Module 1 :

  • Safe use of the Internet
  • Create awareness of online activities
  • How does Search Engine Ranking work?
  • How do Google Algorithms affect rankings?
  • Tips on Content Writing
  • Create a free blog website
  • Google AdWords and types of ad campaigns
  • Concepts on Google Analytics

Module 2:

  • What are PPC and popular PPC networks?
  • FAQ’s on Google AdWords
  • Google AdWords terminologies
  • Types of keywords
  • Learn to use the Google Keyword Research Tool
  • Types of Google Ad Campaigns
  • Create a Search Network Ad
  • Create a Display Network Ad

Module 3:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Google AdSense vs. other affiliates
  • FAQ’s of Google AdSense
  • Steps to get an AdSense account approved
  • Google Trends
  • Create a free blog website
  • Promoting your blog online
  • Other affiliates like Flipkart, Coupon website, etc.