How can Online Marketing Boost Business Growth?

Good Marketing makes the company look smart, Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart

The best known thing to improve any business is communication. So, we try to get into people’s attention. Today, as we all know it, the world is walking with the internet. Traditional marketing is becoming less popular, because people are busy with their devices. So, online marketing helps one known, especially startups and newbies.

The picture of Offline and Online Marketing

Offline or Traditional Marketing is using methods that are outside of the use of the internet or digital methods, where you are "offline." Online Marketing happens through the internet. The most commonly used traditional marketing methods are:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Banners
  • Brochure & Posters
  • Flyers & Pamphlets

How do Offline Marketing and Online Marketing differ?

Cost - The point of having a business is to make profits. It wouldn’t make sense to take a jug of water from an aquarium and pour it back into it. Offline promotion would cost a lot for designing, printing and distributing pamphlets, etc. Online promotion is done through a computer. It requires an internet connection and a few useful tools.

Exposure - Nearly every person has a personal mobile phone or a laptop. So, possible maximum exposure is ensured with online means. Offline marketing doesn’t guarantee its reach.

Convenient Access - Anytime access is so important today. You can have your customers log in anytime and browse through your products and services. Offline promotions are limited to time and access.

Why it is important for a business to go Online?

  • You interactions are frequent with new and existing customers.
  • Your business gains popularity; people will know about your brand, products and services.
  • You can overcome competition by marketing your products differently.
  • Your business reaches to people in a faster, more effective way and information is easily available.
  • It is cheaper especially for startups who cannot spend much on promoting their business.

Different ways to Market Online

Although there are many ways available, here are five commonly used ones:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – This involves paying to get advertise your business. In pay-per-click (PPC), the most common method, you pay for the ad only when someone clicks on it.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – It’s optimizing your website or trying to place your website at the most seen part of the search list – the top. Hardly any payment is required.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Through social media sites, forums and discussion groups, you can market your brand and keep your interaction with people.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliating with a third party will help you market your products at a lesser cost.
  • Email Marketing – This trend will have your emails sit in the inboxes of specific customers. The response level is higher, getting your product a new buyer.

How can Online Marketing boost business growth?

  • Google Search Rankings – When you appear on the first or second page of the Google Search Ranking, you are assured that people will know your product better.
  • Paid Marketing – Paid Marketing requires you to pay only when someone responds to your ad, which is very convenient for your pocket.
  • Lead Generation – Leads can be anything that tells you that someone is interested in your product or service, which has a high chance of turning them into your buyer. Online marketing get you plenty of leads.
  • Value of Branding – When you appear well on the search ranking, and enough leads are generated, you can be sure that your brand or your product / service wanted by many. Your company’s quality and originality is made known.

What kind of products/services can benefit most out of Internet Marketing?

  • Personal products – apparel, personal hygiene products, beauty and healthcare products
  • Food services – restaurants, food delivery apps
  • Grocery and home supplies
  • Furniture and home decor

And now, for some evidence

As per an article on, 86% of women seek advice from social media before making everyday purchases. 45% of them say they do so because of they are so active on social media.

Hubspot, a marketer of software products, gained 400% more leads within their target audience through a LinkedIn Sponsored campaign, than lead generation on other platforms.

If this is the power of internet marketing, why not grab it?