How do we overcome Social issues?

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When was the last time we gave a thought about the shocking incidents happening around us? Even as we talk about it, there are an uncountable number of major social issues taking place in our society. "It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act." The words of The Dalai Lama is enough to shake us out of our insensitivity towards the countless number of tragedies in our community. Being silent spectators will only cause the pain to increase and leaves little room for communal understanding. Here are some of the problems that we as a cultural group are facing:

Loss caused by Substance Abuse

Also known as drug abuse, this is a heightened level of destruction we are calling upon ourselves in today's world. Abuse of both prescribed and illegal drugs have become a known profession in itself. Many become victims to it because of the wanting to be intoxicated and make money out it. This has led to the loss of peace, families, and even lives. There are trained vendors and agents spread across all ages and regions involved in these activities. Transactions are now taken to digital platforms and groups. But as common citizens, our contribution in cutting this growing business down is inadequate. The pressing need to deal with the problem has made it one among the important social issues in our community. Read on to know what can be done to improve this situation.

Social Media and Online Addictions

Nobody wants to be left behind in this fast-paced technology-driven world. Even though technology has its own set of positive uses, life is made unimaginable without an internet connection and social media. People of all ages and professions are literally hooked to the digitalized world. Unhealthy cravings for constant online associations have translated to obsessions. Many are even diagnosed as addicts to smartphones, texting and social media. For example, selfie-addiction, texting while driving, etc. has really put our lives on the tip of a balance. But, there is a ray of hope to change this season of extremes.

The Rise of Cybercrimes

The gluing of our personal lives to the internet has made way for crimes to thrive even on the cyberspace. Unwise and negligent sharing of personal data with unauthorized persons or firms through digital means have put our safety in question. Monetary fraudulence, cheating, and hacking of personal accounts have become prevalent. Sexual harassment and cyber-bullying are also becoming a threat to kids, men, and women. Children are increasingly being victimized by such dangers through user interfaces that are often thought to be harmless. Therefore, the lack of discipline in the use of digital means has created havoc among us. To bring down such corruptions, social assistance programs are providing forums for individuals and groups. They are now gaining approval in the hope of bringing some form of order in this area.

The healthy use of any resource demands immediate attention in such cases. Measures are taken by many organizations to help curb the spread of such overuse of the same. Resources are originally harnessed for positive uses. In an effort to educate and train people on where to draw the line, social awareness activities are carried out by SIIM. Our initiatives help to understand the difference hygienic and safe of the internet and set the essential boundaries that are age-appropriate.