The Career opportunities that digital marketing bought with it

Good Marketing makes the company look smart, Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart

What is Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing?

I am sure every one of us has heard or read about a term called "Digital Marketing". In a world that possesses, a little over 170 million social media users. It’s certain every individual would have a bird’s eye about it. So what is Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing? This term was first used in the year 1990’s. A point in time when the first clickable ad banner went live.

"Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing is a mode of marketing, where different social channels are used to reach out to people and communicate with them on the internet. Through this mode of marketing, an organization is given the leverage of running campaigns for any given product on any given social media platform, to understand the need, want and desire of a specific target audience."

In other words, "Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing is the process of using digital channels. To promote or market products and services to a given audience on a digital platform."

Career opportunities it bought to the table

Digital marketing / Internet Marketing bought with a wide range of career opportunities. Listed below are a few.

  • Digital Marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Marketer
  • Social Media Marketing Expert/Specialist

Job Roles of every Digital Marketing Professional

A Digital Marketing Marketer is predominantly responsible for all the activities that take place on all, the digital marketing platforms in an organization. From the content updated on a website to an ad campaign that is scheduled on a given social media platform. In short, they manage the integrated digital marketing process flow in an organization.

A Content Marketer creates and executes the content marketing process in a company. From the managing a team of content writers to creating Blogs and PR articles for the company. A Content Writer and Copy Writer, on the other hand, work on Drip Marketing Campaigns, Guest blogging, EBook Publications, and as sought of content posted on the website and social media pages of an organization.

An SEO Marketer develops and executes search engine strategies, this manager also coordinates with Graphic Designers, Web Designers, and Content Writers. He allocates work to SEO Executives and SEO Specialists. Furthermore, he works on Pay per Click campaigns and also works on the optimization of a given website and also the optimization of individual web pages as well.

Social Media Marketing Expert/Specialist manages all the Social Media pages and the different windows of communication in an organization. From planning campaigns to increase, Likes, Comments, and shares on a given Social Media Page to developing strategies to decrease the bounce on a website page and a website as a whole.

Skill Sets needed to be a Digital Marketing Professional

A Digital Marketer conducts several campaigns and implements multiple strategies on the Website and Social Media pages of a given company. Hence it is important for him to possess certain skillsets. Listed below are a few skillets you need to pursue a career in the field of Digital Marketing.

  • Excellent Communication Skills Verbal and Narrative
  • Knowledge of Web Software's
  • A thorough understanding of Google Ad words and Analytics
  • Strong Organizational and Leadership Skills
  • Should be familiar with tools such as Conductor, Screaming Fox and MOZ and Web Analytics

In addition to the above skills, a Social Media professional should have a thorough understanding of all the social media channels he/she is working on and should have the right skills sets to create campaigns and strategies to drive traffic to a given Social Page or Website. Needless to an Undergraduate Degree is mandatory and a passion and willingness to strive hard to bring success and glory to the company come as a given need.

Increase in Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Naukri has a need of 13000 opening in the Digital Marketing domain, whereas LinkedIn has about 5000 job openings. The job market in 2018 is only going to increase the need for Digital Marketers.

Salary Packages in Digital Marketing

Fresher's earn a salary of 15-20 thousand a month. Professionals possessing an industry experience of 2-3 years earn of a salary of 25-30 thousand a month. A professional with 4 years and above experience, earns a salary of 50 thousand. So on and so forth for candidates who possess higher industry experience.