The Power of Influencers

Sep 17, 2018 Admin Blog

Influencer Marketing (IM) is very similar to that of traditional marketing practices where certain individuals endorse or advocate a particular product, service, or brand through advertisements. In other words, it is a tweaked form of popularizing a brand adopting modern platforms – social media channels.

6 Innovative Marketing Ideas… that Just Clicked

Sep 10, 2018 Admin Blog

With the increase in competition rising every minute the traditional marketing methods have become ineffective. These monotonous and laborious techniques have let down many companies affecting their monetary resources as well. But here are some smart marketing ideas that some creative minds used that literally got the people speaking.

Just Pin it

Sep 03, 2018 Admin Blog

How do you react when you come across a bright red sweater on a fashion blog? We 'bookmark' the page. Why? Because we like it. In March 2010, a new social network was launched to 'pin down' images or ideas onto a 'board' that can be visited later. Pinterest - "the image-bearer" simply helps you to save images in one spot and share them.

The Growth of Google Maps

AUG 27, 2018 Admin Blog

Are you lost - in a heavily populated area, trying to locate a well-known sweet shop? Or maybe you're trying to gauge how long it will take for you to pass over the bridge to reach the airport. Traditionally, we would ask a local for some directions or just wait through the traffic, not knowing any other short-cuts. But today, with the gift of technology and a subset of the household term Google Maps is here to show us the way, literally.

The Trending waves of Social Media

July 31, 2018 Admin Blog

Long gone are the days of Myspace, Friendster, and Hi5, the precursors of social media networks. The major part of the younger population has not even heard of these terms, or have but mock at them. But the rise of newer social media platforms has created the perception of life being unimaginable without them. Applications that have come to the fore of online connectivity are the most notable - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How do we overcome Social issues?

July 26, 2018 Admin Blog

When was the last time we gave a thought about the shocking incidents happening around us? Even as we talk about it, there are an uncountable number of major social issues taking place in our society. "It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” The words of The Dalai Lama is enough to shake us out of our insensitivity towards the countless number of tragedies in our community. Being silent spectators will only cause the pain to increase and leaves little room for communal understanding.

Hashtags The Modern Tic-Tac-Toe

July 26, 2018 Admin Blog

What started off as a humble number symbol, now sees itself on most social media platforms. Yes, the hash symbol was once in a child's way of playing tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses). But today, they are flying across the world more than thousands times a day. The hash symbol (#), is now popularly used to categorize based on different areas of interest.

Career in Digital Marketing

July 24, 2018 Admin Blog

I am sure every one of us has heard or read about a term called “Digital Marketing”. In a world that possesses, a little over 170 million social media users. It’s certain every individual would have a bird’s eye about it. So what is Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing? This term was first used in the year 1990’s. A point in time when the first clickable ad banner went live.

Digital Marketing for Business Growth

July 25, 2018 Admin Blog

Place one paragraph : Aren’t you tired, thinking of ways to grow your business? For years, we have tried offline promotional methods to get people’s attention. And today, the world is walking with the internet. People are busy with their devices. And the use of a traditional form of marketing is becoming less popular with each passing day. Here, online marketing takes over.